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Yongchuan Xiuya: “Yongchuan Elegant Buds”

Yongchuan Xiuya

Yongchuan Xiuya (永川秀芽) is a green tea variety from Yongchuan District in Chongqing City. The name of the tea means “Yongchuan Elegant Buds”. It belongs to the pan-roasted sort of green teas. It is one of the most famous green tea from Chongqing.

Yongchuan Xiuya: “Yongchuan Elegant Buds” fact sheet


Yongchuan County is located in the western, mountainous, and rural area of Chongqing. It is about halfway between the city centre of Chongqing and the city of Luzhou in Sichuan Province. The county is renowned for its scenic landscapes, especially its tea plantations and its bamboo forests . Many movie scenes have been shot in those pictural forests.


The production process of Yongchuan Elegant Buds was standardized and codified in the middle of the twentieth century. At this time, the city of Chongqing had not yet received the status of provincial municipality and was still a part of Sichuan Province.

Production steps

Only tea leaves picked in early spring are used for making Yongchuan Xiuya. The main production processes are the following:

  • Spreading out
  • Kill-green (pan-roasting)
  • Rolling
  • Shaking
  • Forming
  • Drying


The processed leaves are very thin and about 1 centimeter long. The dry leaves have an emerald green colour.


Yongchuan Xiuya is a crisp and fresh green tea, with distinct notes of almond. The aftertaste is quite sweet.


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