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The making of our 2015 Sweet & Smoked Dark Log

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In the video above you can watch the compressing of our 2015 Sweet & Smoked Dark Log:

  • We shot this video in August 2015, when we visited tea master Zhang Weiqi, the creator of Heji Chunliaofang (和记纯料坊), in Anhua County.
  • Huajuan Teas are usually compressed into log shaped baskets during the summer, when the picking season is over. This product was made with leaves picked in the previous spring.
  • The steaming and compressing of the leaves are almost the last processing steps. They have already gone through the other steps, especially the smoking typical far all Anhua Dark Teas.
  • As you can see, making artisanal tea logs is a teamwork and requires a lot of manpower. Zhang hired these specialized workers for two days to compress his premium quality leaves.
  • When the work was done, we helped him and his wife carry the logs back to his storage place, where they needed to dry and cool down from the steaming for about a month.

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