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The cool or warm nature of tea

Cool or warm nature of tea

There are many reasons for choosing when to drink which tea. In this post, we introduce the concept of the cool or warm nature of tea. Far from seeing it as an absolute rule, we suggest it is an interesting criteria to consider. Depending on how your body feels and on the outside temperature, it can make your tea experience even more enjoyable.

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Mengding Huangya: “Mengding Yellow Buds”

Mengding Huangya

Mengding Huangya (蒙顶黄芽) is a famous yellow tea variety from the region around Mengding Mountain in Ya’an City, Sichuan Province. The name of the tea means “Mengding Yellow Buds”. It is produced similarly to green tea, with some additional steps.

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Famous yellow tea varieties

Famous yellow tea varieties

Yellow tea is one of the lesser known tea types. Because of this, its varieties are often just designated by their type. However, just as with any other tea types, there are famous yellow tea varieties. These varieties have a long tradition and a fixed production process. Tea connoisseurs will look for them, when in need of a fine tea experience.

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Green tea redefined (other tea types as well)

Green tea redefined

“Green tea redefined” is one way of describing what we are striving to achieve with Fresh Tea Stories. When we say green tea, we also mean the related yellow tea and jasmine tea. They are tea types of their own, but can be seen as variations of green tea, since their production process is the same, with some added steps.

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