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Our tea geography (selected tea regions)

Our tea geography

In this post, we discuss our own tea geography. We talk about the tea regions we specialize in, and why we do so. This is both an article about the importance of terroir and origin in general, and an insight into how we approach it.

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Mengding Ganlu: “Mengding Sweet Dew”

Mengding Ganlu

Mengding Ganlu (蒙顶甘露) is a famous green tea variety produced on and around Mengding Mountain in Sichuan Province. It is a pan-roasted green tea. Its name means “Mengding Sweet Dew”. It is considered one of China’s ten most famous teas.

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Mengding Huangya: “Mengding Yellow Buds”

Mengding Huangya

Mengding Huangya (蒙顶黄芽) is a famous yellow tea variety from the region around Mengding Mountain in Ya’an City, Sichuan Province. The name of the tea means “Mengding Yellow Buds”. It is produced similarly to green tea, with some additional steps.

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Famous Sichuan green tea varieties

Famous Sichuan green tea varieties

Ever wanted to take a look at the definitive list of the most famous Sichuan green tea varieties? Here you have it. Of all of China’s tea producing provinces, Sichuan is certainly one of the most prestigious. Out of the fifty plus tea varieties mentioned by Lu Yu (陆羽) in his Book of Tea (茶经), 18 come from Sichuan.

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Long spout kettle ceremony (between the art of tea and acrobatics)

Long spout kettle ceremony

Long spout kettle ceremony is at the confluence of Chinese acrobatics and the art of tea. The video below, from the 2013 Spring Festival gala, shows a fine example.

Long spout kettle ceremony’s origins

This type of tea ceremony probably has its roots in the crowded teahouses, situated on the banks of Sichuan’s main rivers.

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