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The cool or warm nature of tea

Cool or warm nature of tea

There are many reasons for choosing when to drink which tea. In this post, we introduce the concept of the cool or warm nature of tea. Far from seeing it as an absolute rule, we suggest it is an interesting criteria to consider. Depending on how your body feels and on the outside temperature, it can make your tea experience even more enjoyable.

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Join in! Pick your tea! #becomeyourtea

We stand for tea as a cultural activity, based in a long tradition, very much alive, and always evolving.

Join in! Pick your tea!#becomeyourtea

refined / mellow / delicate
gentle / subtle / rare
comforting / easy / warm
wild / strong / different
grounded / exquisite /underrated
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Dianhong: “Yunnan Red” – Yunnan black tea


Dianhong (滇红) is a broad category that refers to all black tea from Yunnan Province. Dian (滇) is Yunnan’s other name, while hong (红) means red and stands for red tea. Because “black teas” are referred to as “red teas” in Chinese, Dianhong can be translated either as Yunnan black tea, or as Yunnan red tea.

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