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Huajuan Tea (Qianliang Tea, Bailiang Tea, Shiliang Tea)

Huajuan Tea

Huajuan Tea (花卷茶) is a variation of Anhua Dark Tea. The name means “patterned roll”. It is a description of the compressed tea logs, once they have been stripped from their protecting layers. What are its major production steps, which give it its unique taste? What are the meanings of Qianliang Tea, Bailiang Tea, and Shiliang Tea, its different names? These are the questions we will be answering in this post.

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Anhua Heicha: “Anhua Dark Tea”

Anhua Heicha

Anhua Heicha (安化黑茶) is a dark tea variety from Anhua County in Hunan Province. The name of the tea means nothing more than dark tea from Anhua, or “Anhua Dark Tea”. There are a number of variations depending on the grade of the tea leaves used, and on the compressing techniques: Their names are Tianjian Tea, Huajuan Tea, and Dark Brick Tea

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