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For the love of Anhua Dark Tea

For the love of Anhua Dark Tea

About five years ago, we bought a brick of Anhua Dark Tea out of curiosity. It was just an ordinary brick produced by one of Anhua County’s bigger factories. It was tasty, different and very pleasant. Our interest was sparked, but we did not know much about Anhua Dark Tea.

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Our tea geography (selected tea regions)

Our tea geography

In this post, we discuss our own tea geography. We talk about the tea regions we specialize in, and why we do so. This is both an article about the importance of terroir and origin in general, and an insight into how we approach it.

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Tianjian Tea: “Heavenly Tips”

Tianjian Tea

Tianjian Tea (天尖) is a variation of Anhua Dark Tea. Its name means “Heavenly Tips”. As indicated by its name, it is considered to be the most delicate and precious of all dark teas from Anhua County. Produced in relatively small quantities, it used to be a rare and luxurious gift.

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