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Less Talk More Tea: our video log

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Less Talk More Tea is our video log. This is a new exercise for us and we are still learning. As indicated in the title, you will not see much of our faces nor hear our voices. It is all about the tea.

Less Talk More Tea: less analysis, more sensations

While we will continue to write detailed posts about various tea related topics on this blog, the video log is for another type of communication. Through a combination of images and videos, we will try to convey our feelings about tea. After all, tea tasting is a total experience which should be enjoyed, not analyzed. It loses much of its charms when it is dissected into countless parts and talked over endlessly. At least, this is how we feel.

In other words: If you want to learn about the fascinating world of tea (geography, history, processing, …), read our blog; if you want to share a cup of tea with us or walk through a tea garden, watch our video log.

Weekly postcards

There will probably be some longer episodes, but most of them will be quite short, very much like postcards. The content will vary from tasting sessions, to news and announcements, etc.

How to watch it

We will always embed the latest episode on this page (see above). Another way to view it, is to visit our YouTube page. There you can subscribe to our channel to be sure not to miss any episode. In future, we may publish on other channels as well.


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