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Green tea redefined (other tea types as well)

Green tea redefined

“Green tea redefined” is one way of describing what we are striving to achieve with Fresh Tea Stories. When we say green tea, we also mean the related yellow tea and jasmine tea. They are tea types of their own, but can be seen as variations of green tea, since their production process is the same, with some added steps.

(Our main focus, at the moment, is on green tea, because in some ways it is the most delicate tea type. We are, however aiming at building a comprehensive online shop for many types of Chinese tea.)

After more than five years of involvement within the premium artisan tea industry, we believe that it is time to make green tea what it really should be. While it is one of most well-known and widespread tea type, it is also one of the most ill-treated. This is because good green tea is a delicacy that can only be produced by very skilled artisans. What is more, the quality of the tea plants is very important. So is the soil on which they grow.

When all these conditions are respected, a cup of fresh tea is like a fine jazz tune, or a rythme of guqin. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of tea you will find at every corner. Making excellent green tea takes a lot of dedication, ambition, and perseverance. Of all the tea types, it is also the one that is the most delicate and difficult to store.

What are we working on, to achieve “green tea redefined”?

In our view, good tea should have all of the following qualities:

When you can check all of the criteria just mentioned, you have what we call “green tea redefined”. Another definition would be “green tea as it really should be”. To achieve this, we are focusing on the country that invented it and has the longest and most diverse tradition of producing  it: China. More precisely, our preference goes to tea produced in Sichuan, Chongqing, and Yunnan. Our moto is to be as close as possible in contact with, the producers and the terroirs. We will not promote a product. until we have personally spoken with its producer. We want to know his story, background, philosophy, etc.

Stay tuned, because this is the beginning of a very interesting story …


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