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For the love of Anhua Dark Tea

For the love of Anhua Dark Tea

About five years ago, we bought a brick of Anhua Dark Tea out of curiosity. It was just an ordinary brick produced by one of Anhua County’s bigger factories. It was tasty, different and very pleasant. Our interest was sparked, but we did not know much about Anhua Dark Tea.

In 2015, we had the opportunity to taste different varieties of Anhua Dark Tea, all produced by the same artisan. We were so impressed by his products that we decided to visit him in Anhua County (Hunan Province) during the summer of 2015.

We spent a lot of time with him and his wife and they introduced us to many of Anhua County’s best spots. We also had the pleasure to assits them in compressing their 2015 spring leaves into Huajuan logs. We are still in constant contact with them and they are our main producers of Anhua Dark Tea.

Because we are very fond of this underrated tea and want to do more to promote it, we have created Exquisite Leaves, a site entirely dedicated to Anhua Dark Tea. There you will find a biger range of teas, reflecting its diversity. If you are looking for premium, artisanal Anhua Dark Tea, this is the place to go to from now on.

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1 thought on “For the love of Anhua Dark Tea

  1. its great to know about Anhua dark tea which was totally unknown to me.
    Will try this tea sometime.
    It would be great if you kindly write a little bit more about this dark tea.
    Let’s hope for the best.

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