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Directly sourced tea

Directly sourced tea

Directly sourced tea, without intermediaries, is one of our pledges to you. We want to get our products directly from their producers. To tell the truth, this is as much a promise to you, as it is to ourselves. Because we genuinely love tea, we wish to be involved as much as possible with it. Sourcing tea is our passion.

Of course, we are not just starting our tea adventure now. We have been drinking Chinese specialty tea, and visiting China’s tea producing mountains for more than ten years. At this point, tea gardens are our second home.

Yet, why should you care whether your tea is directly sourced, or has gone through one or multiple intermediaries? Let us give you a list if arguments, why it really matters.

Directly sourced tea. Why does it matter?

  • Freshness: This is pretty obvious. The lesser your tea leaves change hands, before they enter your tea cup, the fresher they are. This is especially important for superior early spring green tea.
  • Fairness: By sourcing tea directly from the producers, we only deal with them. Therefore, they get to benefit the most from their artisanship. Plus, we get to know and befriend them:)
  • Quality: When we visit the tea gardens and the production facilities, before choosing our products, we can select the best products from the best artisans.
  • Trust: By maintaining a close contact with our producers, we are able to build mutual trust. In turn, we can build trust with our customers, by making sure we have access to the best possible products.
  • Rarity: Only with this kind of close contact to the producing ground, are we able to offer some really rare and outstanding products for the demanding tea enthusiasts.
  • Expertise: Because we constantly communicate with our tea producers and regularly visit them, we keep up to date with the latest trends. At the same time, we are able to broaden our expertise and knowledge.

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