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Tea at the temple

Tea at the temple

I took the picture, illustrating this post, of the tea gallery at Laojundong Temple in Chongqing years ago. Even if it is a little bit blurry, I like it because it remembers me of a rainy tea session on a cloudy summer afternoon.

“Tea at the temple” is a very pleasant experience. Whether daoist or buddhist, many temples in China have their own tea corner. Sometimes it is situated within the walls of the temple itself, sometimes you will find it just outside. There, visitors can site down and enjoy some cups of crisp green tea. The serene atmosphere provided by the temple makes it all the more satisfying.

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Green tea redefined (other tea types as well)

Green tea redefined

“Green tea redefined” is one way of describing what we are striving to achieve with Fresh Tea Stories. When we say green tea, we also mean the related yellow tea and jasmine tea. They are tea types of their own, but can be seen as variations of green tea, since their production process is the same, with some added steps.

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