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A new tea story in every cup (you write the final lines)

A new tea story in every cup

Every tea has a story to tell. Our mission is to select those stories that are out of the ordinary. To be present in our collection, a tea story has to stand out for its quality, taste, and character.

A select tea story collection

Instead of trying to have the most comprehensive library, we prefer to focus on those teas we prefer and know best. They are the teas we drink ourselves.

  • We only source products from a small number of tea terroirs in southwestern and central China.
  • The teas in our selection reflect our preferences in terms of geography, varieties, and artisans.
  • Indeed, we source our teas directly from their producers without intermediaries.
  • Personally knowing the producers is our best quality control.
  • Getting to know the artisans who produce our teas is also one of the pleasures of this activity.
  • We like to visit them as often as possible. We visit their tea plantations, watch them process tea, and discuss with them about tea.

For you to discover and enjoy

A tea story is the combination of a terroir, a producer, and the drinker himself. All three have an influence on how it is told, sip by sip.

  • Our task is to select products that fit our inclinations and quality standards.
  • We tend to prefer teas that have a lot of character over the more fragrant yet thinner-tasting varieties.
  • We select our teas not only for their taste but also for the feeling of well-being they procure.
  • We do everything to make sure you get access to the best stories.
  • As being the one who brews and drinks the tea, you write the final lines …

Every cup is a fresh beginning. Enjoy!

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